Welcome to the 3dEDGE website:

3dEDGE is a building design company, located in Perth, Western Australia.

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We provide a full range of building design and planning services, tailored to suit individual requirements, throughout WA.

We are experts in dealing with challenging design scenarios - especially where there are difficult site and planning requirements to overcome.


How can 3dEDGE help you?

At 3dEDGE, we guarantee to make your life easier, when it comes to designing and organising a serious building project - no matter what the size is.

We have many years of design experience and building knowledge, across all aspects of single and strata dwellings, multi-residential, commercial and industrial projects.

This website is both a design resource and a shopfront for 3dEDGE. If you wish to discuss your ideas, in person, please call Bruce Brunton at any reasonable time.

Avoid mistakes & misunderstandings

We offer a truly individual service, making sure that nothing gets lost in the translation - at any stage - throughout the whole design, documentation and building process.


At 3dEDGE, good design is always our primary goal

Good design brings about an enhanced lifestyle, or a more productive work place environment, whilst ensuring greater asset and/or investment value.

Style, form, functionality and efficiency are all key elements of good design. Equally as important though, is "how best to maximise the available budget?"

Our 3dEDGE Design & Building Guide covers all aspects of what is required for good design and why a good design solution does not in itself need to cost more.

See your project in 3d with ArchiCAD

At 3dEDGE, all of our designs are developed in a specialised 3d CAD software, which provides for better understanding and coordination of both design and 2d drawings.

  3dEDGE Design & Building Guide

Our 3dEDGE Design & Building Guide provides a great insight for anyone thinking about building.

This very comprehensive guide is available now, for online reading. It covers all aspects of the design & building process - step by step, through each stage.

Mission Statement

Our primary goal is to deliver the best outcome on design versus client brief and budget.

We pursue this goal on an individual basis, using our design expertise, building knowledge and experience, to the client's best advantage.

45 Letchworth Centre Ave
Salter Point WA 6152

T: 04077 04177
E: bruce@3dedge.com.au