About 3dEDGE

About 3dEDGE

Bruce Brunton is the principal of 3dEDGE

Bruce has many years design & documentation experience in the local architectural and building industry (of Western Australia) Рembracing all aspects of building design and associated work responsibilities.

Good Design

Good design is the magic ingredient for success in any building project. This brings about enhanced lifestyle, or a more productive work place environment, and greater asset value.

Style, form, functionality and efficiency are all key elements of good design. However, equally as important is “how best to maximise the available budget?” and this question is valid for projects at any price point.

Design Philosophy

Our overriding aim is to keep things simple, and essentially allow the built form to be driven by function and efficiency. In most cases we find that a “less is more” approach brings about the best design outcomes.

We begin by listening to our client requirements, looking at the site and considering both the budget and investment aspect of the project – then, after checking on all statutory & planning requirements, work toward a design concept, on the basis that we would not propose anything less than we would accept if it was our own (project).


Whilst we are more than happy to work as a team with a suitable builder or project manager, 3dEDGE always remains an independent design service, working directly for our clients.

Therefore, we have no conflicts of interest and the well-being of our clients always come first. Furthermore, our design and consultant fee arrangements are always totally transparent.


Many of our clients are business people, who work long days and find it difficult to meet during normal business hours – therefore rest assured that we are never too busy or too precious to meet our client’s needs, and welcome design enquiries at any time (within reason).


At 3dEDGE we use the virtual building technology of ArchiCAD to develop all of our design concepts. This is a system where a 3d computer model is used for coordinating building design, drawings and data, as well as for 3d visualisation.

  3dEDGE Design & Building Guide

Our 3dEDGE Design & Building Guide provides a great insight for anyone thinking about building.

This very comprehensive guide is available now, for online reading. It covers all aspects of the design & building process - step by step, through each stage.

Mission Statement

Our primary goal is to deliver the best outcome on design versus client brief and budget.

We pursue this goal on an individual basis, using our design expertise, building knowledge and experience, to the client's best advantage.

45 Letchworth Centre Ave
Salter Point WA 6152

T: 04077 04177
E: bruce@3dedge.com.au