Design Services & Fees

Whilst much of our website focus is on the residential sector (single, group and multiple dwelling), we also have considerable expertise with the design and documentation of specialised commercial and industrial projects.

Please call Bruce Brunton to find out more about our commercial and industrial projects.

We use a specialized computer modeling system to develop all of our design concepts, therefore our projects are always available for viewing in 3d. This applies to all stages (beyond preliminary concept stage) throughout the whole design and documentation process, ensuring the best ongoing client/design communication possible.

Work Stages

1.  Design & sketch plan stage:

– Investigate client, site and statutory requirements – Preparation and development of design concepts – React to design feedback – Preparation of final sketch plans – Apply for development approval and obtain cost estimate

2.  Working documentation stage:

– Design Development – Arrange and co-ordinate consultants, as required (e.g. structural, hydraulic, electrical & mechanical) – Preparation of detailed working drawings and specifications (suitable for contract and building permit requirements) – Finalise a building permit application package

3.  Contract administration stage:

– Obtain firm building prices (by tender or negotiation) – Arrange and put a building contract in place – Authorise contract payments – Ensure building is built in accordance with contract docs – Ensure an acceptable level of building quality is maintained – Monitor and manage any necessary design changes

Design Fees

In most cases, 3dEDGE design fees are calculated based on a percentage of building costs spread across a full service of design, documentation and contract administration. The relevant fees are due on completion of each work stage. Fees are also reduced proportionately if a full service is not required.

With smaller projects, like additions and renovation, it is often not practical to use percentages for fee calculations. In those cases, fees will be calculated on an hourly rate and estimated time needed to complete the work required.

Either way, we normally convert the fee projections to lump sum amounts, which remain fixed unless the scope of work is altered. This removes any perception that we benefit by any increase in actual building costs. A deposit is payable on agreement of fee proposal arrangements.

To find a copy of our 3dEDGE Standard Scale of Fees, which sets out in detail our fee percentages, work stages and conditions of service, please go to our Downloads page.

Consultant Fees

The fees for all consultants required (i.e. land surveyor, geo-technical, structural, hydraulics, electrical, mechanical, energy assessment, building surveyor, etc), will be extra to the above design fee structure.

Everything is transparent and consultant fee proposals will be provided, for client consideration and comment, prior to engagement. Clients are very welcome to meet and talk to all of our very experienced consultant team. We do not add any mark-up or margin to the consultant fees.

No consultants will be engaged without client approval and, unless expressly agreed otherwise, in writing, the client is always responsible for the timely payment of all consultants.

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