VB Overview

Virtual Building Overview

What is a "Virtual Building"?

ArchiCAD is a “virtual building” software system that uses a 3d computer model not only for visualisation, but also to create “live” automated 2d documentation, together with an accessible database, which in turn provides detailed information about the design, via all of the virtually built elements.

This technology is also referred to as BIM (Building Information Model).

How Does the "Virtual Building" System Work?

Using ArchiCAD, we focus on design and the “virtual building” produces:-

– Plans
– Elevations
– Sections
– Details
– Animations
– Schedules
– Quantities
– Virtual Reality
– Sun Studies

Make a change to the “virtual building” and everything linked to it (2d, 3d or data) updates at the same time.

What are the Benefits to the Design Client?

The “virtual building process” has a very positive and significant impact on:

– Design Communication = Better Understanding
– Quality Assurance = Less Potential for Errors
– Data Analysis = Reports from Inbuilt Data Base

In “business terms”, this means that the “virtual building process” offers the design client a superior understanding of the design, at all stages of the project, as it also does for statutory authorities and other interested parties. At the same time, all drawing output is better coordinated and with less chance for human error.

How Do Most 2d CAD Users Work?

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